Topi began DJing at local parties mostly by an accident. But after starting, it’s been “all in” as he often is as a person. Topi worked his first WSDC event at WestieGala as a guest DJ. Today he is DJing weekly at local parties, and is an integral part of most events in Finland. Topi has DJed many of the biggest European events including Nordic WCS Championships, Bavarian Open, and Swingvester.

Topi finds it important to balance accessible music that is fun to dance to regardless of dance experience, while still making it layered and interesting enough for the high-level dancers. Often you will hear him playing positive songs with very WCS vibe, but given the opportunity by the dance crowd he is there to serve, he will happily take you to a more emotional journey as the “latenightvibe” settles in. Regardless of the time and vibe, you will always hear a large variety of music from swingy jazz and blues to body moving contemporary and pure and simple acoustic songs, be it one of the newest hits or an old classic.

Topi is all about the community and will always do his best to make every event he attends or DJs the best it can possibly be, always willing to help and brings with him the most energizing positive vibe. As an avid social dancer, you’ll often see him being both the first and the last person at the party.