Top 20 personal favorites BY MEMBER

We asked our members to come up with a list of their personal Top 20 favorite WCS songs from any era. New favs, classics, and anything in between. Of course, everyone’s favorites change, and over time so will these lists.

Champions Favorite Blues Songs

The following is a compilation of fast and slow “blues” that have been compiled by our West Coast Swing Champions. A survey was conducted with our Champions, and they voted on their favorites. We welcome you to use this competition music list for your own purposes. 

WCS Top Music Team: John Lindo, Jordan Frisbee, Koichi Tsunoda, and Ruby Lair. 6/5/2023 (Source)

Click songs for YouTube Links, or find the YouTube playlists for slow songs HERE and fast songs HERE.

Spotify playlist available HERE, but not all songs are available on Spotify. 


        Top 19 Slow “Blues” 


        Top 25 Fast “Blues”

        Contributing Champions: 
  • Benji Schwimmer
  • Brandi Guild
  • Bryn Anderson
  • Chantelle Pianetta
  • Christopher Dumond
  • Flore Berne
  • Glenn ball
  • John Lindo
  • Jordan Frisbee
  • KP Rutland
  • Lara Deni
  • Larisa Tingle
  • Laureen Baldovi
  • Lee Easton
  • Markus & Tren
  • Michael Norris
  • Myles Munroe
  • PJ Turner
  • Sean McKeever
  • Sharlot Bott
  • Sonya
  • Tara Trafzer
  • Tatiana Mollmann
  • Thibault & Nicole Ramirez
  • Victoria Henk

Top Picks: Aidan Keith-Hynes

Top Picks: Bruno Bittencourt

Top Picks: Celina Nelson

Top Picks: Cher Peadon

Top Picks: Chris Uren

Top Picks: Chris Vand

Top Picks: DJ Josh Angel

Top Picks: Donna Conley

Top Picks: Emily Huang

Top Picks: Emily Myers

Top Picks: Greg Wolf

Top Picks: Isabelle Roy

Top Picks: Jalene Haramia

Top Picks: JAmes Atwill

Top Picks: John Collini

Top Picks: Joni Fraser

Top Picks: Kaiano Levine

Top Picks: Kerrin Pollock

Top Picks: Khayree Jones

Top Picks: Koichi Tsunoda

Top Picks: Liz Ravdin

Top Picks: Martin Lahmann

Top Picks: Michael Lambert

Top Picks: Rob Baen

Top Picks: Ruby Lair

Top Picks: Sam Ghaida

Top Picks: Tana Abeni

Top Picks: Thomas Friess