Tana Abeni

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tana, an Italian DJ living in Israel, discovered her love for West Coast Swing there in 2014. She started DJing at local parties, fascinated by how music connects people.

To level up her skills, she learned (and is still learning) from top DJs worldwide. After playing at WCS events across Europe for a few years, she entered DJ competitions in 2022.

Ever since, she has played contests and social sets at events like Westie Spring Thing, Baltic Swing, Bavarian Open, Finnfest, Warsaw Halloween Swing, Autumn Swing Challenge, Berlin Swing Revolution and many more.

Currently, she trains and leads the Israeli DJ Team, a collective where members take turns playing twice a week for two different WCS social nights.

Driven by her passion for community building, Tana co-founded the Westie DJs Guild, an online hub where DJs from around the globe come together to learn and support each other.

Her musical weakness lies in the tunes from the 90s and 00s, while her main inspiration comes from the chance to communicate through music, and letting the dancers guide her sets without speaking a word.

Photo credit to Anastasia Lion