I started deejaying for Latin dance socials in 2011. By 2012 I ventured into West Coast Swing, and enjoyed playing and dancing to this genre ever since. Within a short period of time, I’ve become an established deejay in New Jersey, USA. Over the course of the past decade, I’ve had the opportunity to deejay with many of our cherished deejays and dance pros in our field. Recently, I was given the honor to host and deejay a West Coast Swing social in Shanghai, China.

In October of 2013, I designed a Facebook group with the intention of bringing all of the top deejays around the world to a place online where they could discuss and advance current knowledge, especially with the help of Ruby Lair, Josh Angel, and others who were among the earliest members. Since then, I’ve grown and developed as a professional deejay (“DJ Prof. Mike”) through the many opportunities given to me by this amazing international community. However, there is always something more to learn and become inspired by.