Baton Rouge, LA (Minneapolis, MN after May!)

Since making mash-ups and doing audio mixing at 14 and leaving the college and local ballroom world for West Coast Swing, Michael has become an active DJ, teacher, and community builder all throughout the gulf coast and at events around the country (Soon to be setting up shop long-term in Minneapolis!). He started DJing for Bryan Jordan’s socials and competitions in 2018, including Swingapalooza before adding on Westies on the Water, Floorplay Swing Vacation, and Cincy Westie Bash, as well as guest DJing in Pensacola, Texas, and events all along the gulf coast. Michael still DJs locally whenever possible and shares all his music on Spotify, including a weekly updated practice playlist!

Michael’s style is all about smooth transitions between all different types of music – doing his best to keep everyone happy of all ages with a mix of every genre, speed, and mood the night calls for and songs that bridge between multiple styles and tastes. His goal is to give you something to like in every song and get you lost in the flow of dancing instead of figuring out if you want to dance to that song. Feel free to add him on Facebook for more info, see where he’ll be next, or just to say hi, and email [email protected] for scheduling, lessons, or anything else!