Sports and exercise have been an integral part of Martin’s life since childhood. He is particularly fond of various martial arts and obstacle courses.

In this respect, the step to dancing was only a small one and after a few stops in Ballroom and Latin, as well as at the North German Championships in Discofox, Martin has dedicated himself to West Coast Swing since 2012 and is one of the veterans of the North German WCS scene.

Martin (aka DJ MangoMouse) made the step from WCS dancer to WCS DJ in 2015 as a DJ at local West Coast Swing parties in Hamburg and has since been an integral part of the West Coast Swing DJ crew in Hamburg and northern Germany.

He has been a staff DJ at Neverland Swing since 2017 and was also on staff at the Austrian Swing Spectacle, Cologne Swing Festival, Nordic X-Mas Swing, Anchor Festival, Cozy Swing and Carnival Swing.

His appearances as a guest DJ at West Coast Swing events date back to 2016. Since then he has been a regular guest DJ at Budafest, as well as at various national and international festivals (including Baltic Swing, Bavarian Open, D-Town Swing, Warsaw Helloween Swing, Uptown Swing).

Martin is a social DJ and dancer through and through.