Josh is a monthly DJ at Tampa Floorplay and DJ’ed his own dances in Gainesville FL for over 10 years.

Josh serves as Head DJ of numerous WCS events in the Southeastern U.S., and has DJ’ed many WCSwing and Country events including: Phoenix 4th of July, Atlanta Swing Classic, Montreal Westie Fest, Desert City Swing, Tampa Bay Classic, Albuquerque Dance Fiesta, Trilogy Swing, Charlotte Westie Fest, Jacksonville Westie Fest, Florida Dance Magic, Floorplay New Year’s Swing Vacation, Orange Blossom Dance Festival, River City Swing, Sweetheart Swing Classic, Swingover, Swing Over Orlando, Florida Westie Fest, and Orlando Jack & Jill Jam.

Josh owns and helps run Professional Swing DJs, an association of top Pro WCS DJ’s from around the world that pool their resources to produce a public Top 10 list of WCS tunes every month. It’s not at all like herding cats and he doesn’t know why you’d think that. 

Josh’s DJ origin story goes like this: someone needed to be the DJ and he was the only one willing! That was back in 2009. At some point he realized he loved DJing as much as dancing. Maybe more.  

His day job is a Utility Theft Investigator, which sounds cool and mysterious, and that’s because it is. Josh is a unabashed dweeb, and has a wife, Kathy, who we assume is very patient. Josh also has a daughter Ariana, a souvenir from a previous marriage who he is rather fond of and has decided to keep.

Josh is available for DJing private lessons and mentorship.