Joni Fraser


DJ Joni is based out of Northampton, MA, where she has worked swing and ballroom dances and private parties/functions for 15 years. While she DJ’ed a monthly West Coast swing dance in Northampton for half of that time, she truly feels more in her element adding Hustle, Latin, Country & Nightclub Two-steps, Ballroom, and Tango into the mix.

Her DJing & dancing motto is “Variety is the spice of life,” and for 8 years she has DJ’ed the Variety Room at the Swingin’ into Spring event in Hartford. She does not pretend to know or have every song, but thinks that she has a pretty good selection. She will be nice to you if you have a request (within reason). Joni is grateful be back at the DJ table and happy to see folks shaking their booty and having good times on the floor again.