Isabelle roy

Montreal, Quebec. Canada. 

In 2013, as Isabelle started dancing West Coast Swing, she quickly noticed there was only a few people who could DJ in the community. Since Isabelle was always « DJ Roy » for her friends, the one who played music wherever she went, it was only natural for her to share her passion for music by becoming a DJ for the local social dances.

Isabelle’s local dance community has grown quite a lot, and she now manages the local DJ group and schedule to make sure everyone has what it takes to start their journey as well as a chance to show what they can do. Isabelle is also there to answer their questions and offer feedback or shadowing sessions.

Starting in 2016, Isabelle was asked to DJ for larger events, and since then, she has been seeking the coaching of various well-known DJs and now feels she has the skills to be part of this amazing group.

What Isabelle really likes is offering variety within her music sets, to try and reach out to every individual in the room. That being said, she makes a point of offering smooth transitions between those different genres.

And even though Isabelle DJs a lot, she still loves to dance! Don’t be shy to come and ask her to dance as soon as she leaves the DJ booth, because her love for music also follows her onto the dance floor!