Chris = Fresh music.

Multigenre DJ for more than 25 years. Started producing music and dj-ing in house clubs with vinyl, then moving to couples dancing, ballroom, salsa, hustle.

Was drawn into WCS by the diversity of the music. Took a dive into the history of WCS with all its musical influences. Chris’ aim is to keep the swing in west coast swing alive.

Known for playing a mix of classic, swing and fresh new music. Accomplishments include: First international official US Open Swing Dance Championships dj. Staff and Comp dj at events like Budafest, Neverlandswing, Euro Dance Festival. Did several music edit for top 10 US Open Pro showcase/classic couples. Shares knowledge of music, dj-ing, sound systems and acoustics in specialized workshops for djs and teachers.

Chris as a dj is fresh music that makes you want to dance. When Chris is not dj-ing you’ll find him on the dance floor.