celina nelson


Celina Nelson has been a West Coast Swing DJ since 2016. An architect by trade, she has the know-how to observe and to design a social dance set for any given night and audience. From exploratory to familiar, Celina curates the right blend of music to get everyone out on the floor for a full social dance experience.

Over the years, Celina has studied under some of the circuit’s best DJs. She has not only used that knowledge and experience to elevate her own DJ skills, but has also forwarded that knowledge to others in the form of a DJ mentorship program.

While Celina is a local favorite, having DJed multiple venues in the Midwest, she looks forward to traveling and sharing her love of music and dancing with others around the world.

Her favorite memory as a DJ is playing the last hour of the Saturday, late-night set at Spotlight. The late-night DJ was done playing, but everyone wanted to keep dancing, so she grabbed her phone and (with permission) kept it going until 9am!