Bruno Bittencourt is a West Coast Swing and Salsa DJ based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Started dancing in 2005 – WCS in 2012. He’s been DJing since 2013, inspired by a couple of US events – SwingDiego 2013, Los Angeles Salsa Congress 2012/13.

Passionate about music since birth. Probably. Pretty sure about that, given his parents’ background. Equally passionate about videogames; especially the ones with good music.

Events he has played competition and/or social sets include Philly Swing Classic, Liberty Swing, Summer Hummer, Trilogy Swing, Atlanta Swing Classic, Brazilian Open, Sao Paulo Swing Dance Championships.

If Bruno is on the DJ booth, you will have a little bit of everything to dance to. From fast R&B to jazzy covers to 80’s rock, everything is on the table to bring people to the dance floor.