Brad has been creating extraordinary west coast swing music experiences since 2016. Based out of Ottawa, Canada, he started off his journey DJing at local dances before making a name for himself at various weekend dance events, debuting at BTO Open in its inaugural year and branching out to more and more events from there.

Sometimes going by his alter-ego, DJ B-Rad, he is a sought-after name in the west coast swing scene. Brad’s love for and extensive knowledge about all types of music enables him to always pick the perfect songs for competitions and social dancing, feeling out the vibe of each moment. He enjoys helping people make special memories on the dance floor.

His DJ experience expands beyond swing dancing to weddings, parties, and other occasions, which allows him to adapt to any situation at a west coast swing event. He believes that, in addition to playing the hottest music, seamless mixing and auditory consistency are also key for a good dancing experience. As a lifelong learner, Brad continually seeks out new DJ techniques and technologies to utilize in his sets.

Brad is here to keep the good times rolling. Let’s dance!