Los Angeles, CA

Aidan Keith-Hynes began DJing in his local scene of Charlottesville, VA in 2010, eagerly taking on the challenge of keeping both seasoned veterans and fresh faces on the floor. After moving to Los Angeles in 2011 to study film, Aidan quickly became a local DJ favorite, one week he even managed to play a different venue every single night, 7 days in a row!

After breaking into the weekend event circuit in 2014, Aidan became known as one of the most versatile and adaptable DJs in the scene, rising to challenges such as DJing to close the ballroom all 4 nights in a row at The After Party one year, playing split-floor prelims at events such as SwingTacular and Swing Time, and playing Champions prelims and finals at events such as Desert City, City of Angels, and The After Party. Other events Aidan has DJed include Swing Diego, The US Open, Jack & Jill O’Rama, SwingCouver, Halloween SwingThing, and many more. He also continues to play locally, as well as share music regularly on his Spotify page.

Aidan’s style includes an eclectic mix of blues, soul, pop, R&B, hip-hop, acoustic, funk, electronic, and late nite. He favors a more “cinematic” style of DJing, taking his dancers along on on a rollercoaster of genre, tempo, and feel, playing with the energy in the room to ensure every dancer has at least a few memorable moments throughout his set. To learn more about Aidan, please visit