JAmes has been a regular DJ in the Vancouver community since 2012. He’s played as far South as Florida, as far East as Virginia, and as far West as, well, Vancouver (sorry Portland!). He’s been recently branching out, and depending on your sleep patterns, you may have heard him at Seattle’s Easter Swing, Rose City Swing, MADjam, or SwingCouver.

In addition to his DJ duties, JAmes runs a series of local workshops called Music Anatomy. These workshops dig into the structure of songs through the lens of West Coast Swing, and dissect them to discover what makes them tick (and boom), with the hope of helping dancers better understand and dance to popular WCS songs.

As a mentor and teacher for local DJs, he started a DJ Internship Program to help interested dancers understand what goes into DJing and grow the pool of available DJs at local dances.

JAmes appreciates how encouraging the Vancouver scene has been and is certain it’s a large part of why he’s had success outside of Vancouver. (Thank you!)

JAmes doesn’t like rhubarb, and is steadfast that there shouldn’t be nuts in chocolate chip cookies.